As you get your sportsbook ready for March Madness, you may also want to explore learning about Live Sports betting. Live sports betting is growing to be some of the most popular wagers that people make. You will be able to earn more if you understand what it is, so here is our guide to live sports betting.

Basically, live sports betting’s meaning is quite literal. These wagers can be made while the game is ongoing. For example, you can place a live bet on an actual NFL game, betting on who will score the next touchdown. During this part of the game, the lines will change as the team gets closer to the end zone of the opposite team. Once the wager wins, your players can win money even before the game ends. Your bookie pay per head software will take care of the lines, but bookies will also need to monitor these types of wagers.

Guide to Live Sports Betting

A Bookie’s Guide to Live Sports BettingThere are a lot of live sports betting options that you can offer in your sportsbook. The most popular wagers will come from sports such as football, basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer, hockey, and MMA. This also includes both collegiate sports as well as professional leagues. You can place moneyline, totals, point spread, player props, and other types of bets. Some are specific, like 1st quarter or 1st half spreads. Depending on the sport, you can bet on a lot of other options, such as total runs or hits in baseball. Parlays are also possible.

Again, your bookie software will take care of managing the lines, as well as your player’s wagers. But given that the lines can change so fast, it is highly recommended that you stay online to monitor and adjust any lines as needed. It also helps for you to have access to a good live stream of the game. Any delays in watching could result in delayed changes in lines. This is a risk for your sportsbook, as sharps may want to take advantage of these delays. Keep in mind, that not all sportsbooks offer this, and some may offer less live betting options. So make sure that the software you use will be able to offer a wide set of live sports betting options for your players to enjoy.