Senator Danny Martiny pushed for Louisiana legal sports betting in 2018. However, his sponsored bill failed because other lawmakers were afraid people might develop gambling addiction in the long run.

Martiny’s bill will use the revenue from sports betting to fund early childhood education programs of the state. Also, the senator said that Louisiana missed out on gaming revenue opportunity. In fact, the state shut down his bill before the Supreme Court ruled in favor of sports betting.

As a result of not having legal sports betting in the state, players turn to Native American casinos and Mississippi to place their bets. While other states are getting on the sports wagering bandwagon, Martiny said Louisiana remains in the sidelines.

Louisiana Legal Sports Betting

Bookie News: Lawmaker Pushes for Louisiana Legal Sports BettingMartiny told gambling industry reporters that he will file another bill during the next legislative session. Also, it will include an amendment to use the revenue from sports betting to fund early childhood education.

In addition, the senator said he will do whatever it takes to pass the Louisiana legal sports betting bill. Moreover, he said that early childhood education is a worthy cause. However, it looks like he will face some opposition.

On the other hand, childhood education is not controversial. In fact, many lawmakers support the cause. As a result, industry insiders feel the bill might get approval from both the House and the Senate.

Early Childhood Care and Education Commission wants to expand pre-school for needy children. In addition, it wants to prioritize children from birth to three years old. It requires an annual budget of around $86 million. Martiny’s bill will bring in around $40 to $60 million a year.

At present, there are Louisiana residents betting on sports through an off-state PPH bookie. Instead of not profiting from the activity, lawmakers should act now to get their share of the market.


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