The world of golf was, for a time, divided into two- the PGA, and LIV Golf. But their rivalry seems to be water under the bridge now, as the PGA no longer threatens to ban players from joining the LIV Golf tournament. And we will be seeing a lot of chances in the tournament. And part of learning how to be a bookie is learning everything you can about the sports that your players bet on. You never know how lines can move, but knowing the latest updates in the sport can at least give you hints on its direction.

One of the changes that we will see with the LIV, is that there will be a transfer agency, giving us free agency in the world of professional golf. This will be happening starting on the 2024 season. Let us go over the changes that are important for those who want to be an online bookie should know.

Changes in the LIV Golf Tournament

Changes in the Upcoming LIV Golf TournamentFirst off, would be the play-in tournament. Similar to what we are seeing in other sports, LIV will be hosting one for golf. The event will be from December 8 to 10 in Abu Dhabi. Here, golfers will compete in LIV Golf Promotions, which is a 36-hole tournament with a $1.5 million purse. It also includes three exemptions to the next season. Your online bookie software will be opening the betting lines as soon as the roster is up. So, keep an eye out for the latest update on this event.

As for golfer contracts, the LIV will now have a classification for expiring contracts at the end of each season. There will be a lock zone, which will be for the top 24 finishers, where they are restricted free agents with a guaranteed contract extension offer. They can re-sign, or enter free agency.

Once in free agency, they now sign with whichever team they want to. Players also have the chance to switch teams during the season, with an in-season trading window for trading and contract negotiations. These changes of course will help streamline the league, and make it for a more organized event for golfers, and for those who bet on golf. As bookies, trades and drafts are added opportunities to offer more betting options, thus potentially more revenue from betting.


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