One of the main responsibilities that you will have as a bookie is to interact with your players. More traditional sportsbooks rely on wagers done in person, via the phone, or chat and email. Nowadays, you’ll find that sports betting bookie software reduces these interactions as the betting process is now automated and online. This is why it becomes more important that ever to offer customer service and bookies to build a lasting partnership with your players.

When finding the right bookie software, you need to look for customer service functionalities that will help you maintain communication and increase engagement with your players. By getting to know their bookie, they can build a trusting partnership that ensures long-term profit for your sportsbook.

Customer Service and Bookies

And like any business that involves managing people, you will have to be good at customer service. A pay per head bookie solution reduces the necessity of customer service. But efficient as the sportsbook software is, your players will occasionally need help.

Pay per head software usually includes customer service services in its fee- people can call or chat online for problems and questions 24/7. Likewise, people can also place their bets through phone. For a more personal interaction, you can directly message, or email your players.

You can try sending out bonuses, news updates, and any ideas that can benefit both your sportsbook and your players. You can also set the time for your players, any of them, to contact you should they have specific questions or requests. This can lead to more profit, as experienced by bookies. For instance, by getting to know your players, you will see that they have preferences that you can bank on. Offering more wagering options or offering your online casino can help you earn more- and all you had to do was be good in customer service.


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