Delaware Sports Betting Handle Increase in OctoberSports betting is one of the industries that bounced back quickly after the Coronavirus pandemic shut the world down. As soon as sports events continued, wagers are taken, winnings are collected. And even in retail-only markets, things are improving. The Delaware sports betting handle increases in October. Delaware has a retail-only law when it comes to sports betting. There are race track casinos, as well as around 100 retail outlets (liquor stores, convenience stores, restaurants, etc). There, people can bet on sports lines offered. While the numbers may not be as high as online sportsbooks backed by providers such as, we’re still seeing growth in the Delaware betting market.

The total betting handle, locally termed “amount played”, is $17 million for October. This is 37% higher than September’s $12.4 million handle. Looking at the year-on-year data, October’s $17,086,034 is 6.3% higher than October 2019’s $16,066,023 sports betting handle.

Delaware Sports Betting

The net proceeds total is at $3,483,045 for the month. Which is 77.8% higher than September’s $2 million. These are still good numbers, and worth looking at, especially if you want to know how to be a bookie the fast and easy way. After all, there is no bad time to create an online sportsbook. October is a good month because the football season, both collegiate and professional, is in full throttle, and there a lot of people who want to bet on their teams.

While the state has iGaming, sports betting is still not an option for those who prefer to do their gambling online. As easy as it is to open a bookie website, many states are still not open to the idea of offering online sports betting. But as more and more states are passing laws on sports betting, maybe other more traditional states like Delaware can have their legislature adapt a more modern approach to sports betting in the next few years.