After you learn how to open a sportsbook, your next step, aside from running your bookie business, is how you can earn more. The best way, is, of course, to earn more without having to spend more. You may think, is this even possible? It actually is. You can do this is little steps, and the most important part here is to look at how your sportsbook is running so you can start off small and do more with your sportsbook business.

Also, if you still do not have your own sportsbook yet, here is a guide on how much it takes to become a bookie.

Your Sportsbook Business, Amplified

Do More with Your Sportsbook BusinessFirst, look at the betting behavior of your players. Because if your sportsbook is still small, and your players tend to just bet on one sport, then think of your options. Get them to place bets in other sports by giving them a free bet or free vig on a sport they have never bet on. This could introduce them to something they did not know they would like.

Or, if they do bet on multiple sports, check out the type of bets that they make. If they tend to stick to moneyline bets or totals, then inform them that you also offer in-game betting, which is very exciting. Since you are using a good sportsbook pay per head software, you have a lot of betting options to offer.



Offer More Than Just Sports Betting

If, however, your players are pretty active, and their wagering activity is quite diverse, then try offering more than just sports betting. Introduce them to your very own online casino. Offer them a bonus if they were to use your online casino to play, say, $100 in poker or baccarat. Show them a preview of some of your slot games. Or, maybe offer them action on horse racing.

If you are using a really good sportsbook software, chances are, your provider has online casino and horse racing software too. In fact, some providers offer this service either in a small add-on fee, or, totally free. Some bookie software providers offer a complete suite of gambling services so you won’t actually need to pay more. What’s even better, is that the software is already integrated so both you and your players can seamlessly switch from sports betting to casino gaming instantly. This can help you generate more activity, therefore the potential for higher revenue.


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