Fantasy Football reaches one of the most exciting parts of its season as their league playoffs are set to begin this weekend. If you look at the latest sports news, the NFL is getting close to the playoffs as well. According to research, fantasy football has 29.2 million players as of last year. This is just a part of the growing fantasy sports industry, that is currently worth $11 billion.

This is why you will be able to see fantasy sports action in your pay per head sportsbook software. And for many who are into this, they all insist that the NFL is the perfect sport and league for it. And each season, more and more people join, balancing out the demographics, seemingly uniting multiple generations in their bid for football supremacy.

Fantasy Football Grows More Popular and Lucrative

Fantasy Football Continues to Grow More Popular in the USIf you are new to fantasy sports in your sportsbook software, the concept of fantasy sports is simple. You and a group of people form a league of your own. From there, you build your own team that is based on the current players in the NFL for instance. During the season, the stats of the players in real life games reflect the stats in your fantasy sports league.

DFS has been popular since the 1990’s, beginning with free leagues like Yahoo Sports, but is now very popular in sportsbooks as well. Of course, things were much harder to do in the past. But with the latest software, you can get things done- even the draft, from your own phone. Fantasy sports also allows participants and bettors a more interactive experience, as they get to interact with other players throughout the season. Competition is also a great motivator and allows players to engage.

Fantasy football also helps encourage more awareness on football, as well as football betting. Many DFS players form a much more diverse demographic that more traditional betting. For instance, women have been more interested in fantasy sports, and are getting recognized for their skills and expertise in football. So as a bookie, this is a huge market that you can easily entice into fantasy sports betting.


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