The European Poker Tour is starting soon and it is one of the most exciting tournaments of the season. Many look for the best online poker websites to get the chance to play like the best poker stars in the world. 

And we will see them all again compete in the EPT, with the Prague leg of the tournament. The tour starts on December 6, up to December 17 in the Czech capital. That means you will have 11 days of action that you can easily replicate with the best online casino software. You can also earn so much having an online casino nowadays.

European Poker Tour 2023 Details

poker tourIf you want to play and join the tournament, there are a few options to try. There are events like the Power Path and other qualifying games. And if you do qualify, or you just want to watch, then you are in for a treat as well, with so many events happening over the 11-day tournament. You can check updates in your gambling news sites. 

For December 6, you have quite the number of events, with the Eureka Main event, the NL Hold’em, qualifiers, and other events with different buy-in rates. However, if you want to pace yourself, or focus on just a few events, here are some noteworthy ones.

You have, of course, the Eureka Main event where there is seven-digit prize pool to play for. There is also the Mystery Bounty event, where you need not win the tournament to take home a decent prize. Then, one of the largest rewards can be won in the EPT main event, and is also the most exciting to watch. 

And if you want to get some practice done before the tour, then here is a good online casino software that you can use to earn money in poker.


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