There are people who bet on sports who want to switch over to the other side of sports betting and learn how to be a bookie. And while learning how to be a bookie seems daunting, it isn’t. That is if you are serious about it. The jump from bettor to bookie requires a little studying and getting to know how a bookie operates. So today, we’ll walk you through the process, and we will begin by helping you open a sportsbook.

Putting up your own sportsbook is more or less: a website, a sports betting software, players, and money. This is hard for an average person to do since a software system can cost you a few hundreds of thousands of dollars. And with a handful of players in your operation, it will take a lot of time to recoup that investment.

Looking at the numbers, you will not be able to get a good ROI in a short period of time. But it should not scare you off, because this is where a Sportsbook Pay Per Head service comes in.

You see, instead of cashing out hundreds of thousands of dollars, you can sign up for a bookie pay per head service. They will only charge you a fixed amount per player per week. So you only get charged on how many players you have, and the amount is not in the thousand-dollar range.

As a bookie, the sportsbook pay per head service will handle online data management. They let you use their software to keep track of the wagers of your players. You players will now have access to a betting platform. They can now place their bets on your bookie operation.

Signing Up as a Bookie

So as a bookie, you sign up with a bookie pay per head provider. Once you open a sportsbook, you can start creating accounts for your players. They can start betting immediately. You can now control the limits you set for your players and which of the games offered they can play in. Your players can now bet on sports, play on the online casino, the racebook, among others. And if you want to build your brand as a reputable bookie, they will help you make your own website.

Once you start your bookie pay per head service, the provider will send you reports on a regular basis. They will send you data on your players, statistics, and risk management. These are tools that will help you earn more money and get more players. All you need to do, is maintain your bookie operation. And, depending on what you can handle, expand your market.




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