Incentives for Your PlayersThere is no single answer to the question “what makes a bookie successful”? There are so many facets to being a bookie. It becomes difficult to pinpoint which aspect of the job is crucial for success. Of course, the ability to manage lines is crucial to ensure profit. But one can also argue that a good relationship with your players is also important. Which is why incentives for your players is also a must.

You see, when you be an online bookie, there is a chance that you may never meet your players in person. While that does not really matter, you still need to build rapport with your players. You don’t need to send them letters or chat with them unnecessarily. But it helps to be there for your players when you need them.

Incentives for Your Players: Good Customer Relations

One way of showing your players that you appreciate the business they bring to your sportsbook, is to offer incentives. You can be as creative as you want, and afford to. Some bookies offer anniversary or birthday free bets, while some would temporarily increase betting limits for a certain period.

Giving away free vig or free bets can hurt your bottom line if you do it on one day. So unless you are ready to take that hit, then find a way to give out incentives on separate dates. Some will give free vig on a certain sport, a certain month, or when a player reaches a specific amount of action. Your gambling software features will have something to help you reward your players so it won’t be too hard for you to do.

Another popular way to incentivize your players and directly get business from them, is to offer a referral bonus to your players. If they get someone to place a bet or make a deposit to your sportsbook, then your player will get a bonus or a free bet. This not only takes care of maintaining good relationships with your players, but also helps you expand your business safely.