Sports betting in Massachusetts has not even launched, and yet we are already seeing a lot of issues. A while back, we reported that the Massachusetts sports betting bill finally passed in August. Specifics of a launch date is unavailable since it is too early to say. After all, there are a lot of steps and measures to take before they can give a go signal to sportsbook operators to go live in the state. Let’s take a look at the issues on sports betting in Massachusetts a month after legalizing sports betting.

Keep in mind that when you want to be an online bookie, you will not need to go through such complicated measures. These issues are a problem in Massachusetts because the state has to be able to form regulations, screen operators, and define other measures needed. The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) is in charge of this.

And during a meeting of the MGC, a review of the bill reveals that there is an error in the legislation. There is no cap on the number of temporary online sports betting licenses they can issue.

Sports Betting in Massachusetts

Issues on Sports Betting in MassachusettsUsing a bookie software is one of the most practical and lucrative options for sports betting. So gaining an online license is a big deal. In Massachusetts however, if you are granted a temporary license, you could eventually get shut down if you do not make it to the final list of operators. The state allows for seven permits for online sportsbooks in the Bay State.

This will be a problem because if you are a pay per head bookie, then you know how far in advance people can place wagers. For instance, I can place a wager on the NFL Super Bowl as early as today. But my wager will not get completed until the actual Super Bowl next year. If in between these dates, the sportsbook gets shut down, what will happen to my wager?

Launch Date for Sports Betting

Another question that interested bookies have, will be the launch date for sports betting and the state. Specifically, if they will all have a universal launch date, or if it will be a rollout. Again, the issuance of temporary licenses overlaps with this issue as well.

Sportsbook operators who are applying have the chance to speak during the MGC meeting, and they were talking about the issuance of the temporary licenses, and the efficiency of resources on allowing more than the allotted seven slots. They also want a timeline available to the public as well.


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