Jake Paul is an unexpected name that you will see in your sports betting software. The popular YouTuber has slowly been establishing himself in combat sports, and this December, he will be meeting his most challenging opponent yet. Jake Paul will be facing professional boxer Andre August for a cruiserweight tilt this December 15. The bout will be held in Orlando, Florida.

This is quite different from previous fights of Paul. If you check his previous matches in your sportsbook pay per head software, he normally opts for easy opponents. This means getting the most popular fighters with the least amount of risk. But this time, he is going for the more experienced fighter.

Paul’s last fight was an unanimous decision win versus UFC fighter Nate Diaz trying out boxing for the first time. Paul is currently 7-1, 4KOs. Meanwhile, August is 10-1, with 5 KOs. So looking at the odds, August may come out the favorite here. Since you are becoming a bookie now, you have enough time to launch your sportsbook and offer odds to this fight as early as now.

Jake Paul and Andre August: Paul’s Path to World Champ

Jake Paul to Face Andre August This DecemberAccording to Jake Paul, he is a professional boxer, and he wants to be world champion. So boxing fans and bettors should not be surprised to see his lineup change drastically. Instead of more controversial and viral fights, we will now be seeing more depth in his fights. In the past, his fights have been pay per view exclusives, and mostly geared towards earning. But now he wants the achievements, the credit, and the experience. So he will be working on getting fights with experienced fighters from around the world.

As for August, he is a man of few words, and more about action. But he says that even though Paul has the name and the resources, August has the hunger to win that Paul does not have. This December will be a totally different fight. After all, majority of those looking at Paul were thinking of a Tommy Fury rematch, or fight against another YouTuber KSI.


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