In the latest soccer news, Lionel Messi makes his long-awaited return to the Inter Miami starting XI, marking the first time since his last match back in September 20th. He reclaims his spot for their season-ending clash. But they lose against Charlotte FC. Although they’ve technically (if you look at the numbers) been eliminated from the playoffs, this would have been an opportunity to conclude the season on a positive note. A win could also have prevented Charlotte from securing a playoff spot on Decision Day. Fans and those wanting to bet on them for the last time this season will have their chance next season.

Following his impressive two-goal performance for Argentina against Peru earlier this week, Messi appears to be in peak condition, providing the Herons with a much-needed spark they haven’t experienced since their match against Toronto. When becoming a bookie, knowing these things are very important in line management.

Messi and the Final Inter Miami Game for the Season

Messi and the Final Inter Miami Game for the SeasonHaving recently confronted Charlotte in a midweek fixture, Inter Miami managed to secure a draw. This was even in the absence of Messi. But they were hoping to maintain this or even score a win, as it marks Messi’s first appearance on a turf field since joining Major League Soccer. In the past, Messi has expressed his comfort with synthetic surfaces. He was notably discussing this ahead of Miami’s victory over Nashville SC in the Leagues Cup final.

Each sport has its own quirks when it comes to performance in game and with betting. For baseball, for example, it would be the actual stadiums as the measurements can vary. For sports like tennis and soccer, the surface they play on matter. This is why bookies who use a bookie pay per head service to manage sportsbooks get even the most mundane details about sports.

Martino will undoubtedly be cautious about managing his star player’s workload, but it was the last match for the season, and thus one fans look forward to seeing. Jordi Alba, who, like Messi, was dealing with an injury, also started match from the bench.


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