The Nevada sportsbook industry is still very healthy, all things considered. However, there was a dip in monthly handle from March’s $863.3 million to April’s $582.5 million. The numbers should not deter those of you who are learning how to be an online bookie, as there is still ample year on year growth. April 2021’s total monthly sports betting handle was $457.8 million, which gives us 28.7% more in handle than in April of the previous year.

Nevada is one of the states with the highest sports betting numbers, which should somewhat inspire the move for legal sports betting in Texas or other states like California. Even if there is a decrease in monthly handle for now, its mostly temporary, and will likely bounce back when Football season starts this year.


Nevada Sportsbook Industry in April

Nevada Sportsbook Industry Records Dip in HandleSo, what could have caused the decrease in handle? If you notice, there were less options on popular sportsbook wagers due to less sports events in April. The 32.5% drop in handle makes sense when you realize that there were no college basketball games, which is one of the most popular sports tournaments in the country. The NFL, as well as college football leagues have both been on a break as well.

And if you keep track of the sports calendar each year, and compare it with the sports betting reports, you will see that springtime usually takes in less action since there are less events to bet on. While betting on baseball and hockey and other sports remains popular, they are not as strong as football in terms of generating that much in sports betting. We do not know if the summer will bring us higher handle, especially with retail sports betting. But the outlook on sports betting in the state remains to be positive, and there is still more room for growth in the gambling industry.


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