The New Hampshire sportsbook industry sees a drop in sports betting activity and revenue for the month of February. This is the lowest handle that the state has seen since June 2020, which was at the height of the COVID pandemic. But. If you want to be an online bookie, you need to know the trends when it comes to sports betting so you can see if a decrease in handle is normal or not.

Of course, the dip in handle is not at all surprising. February has less days than other months, and lost a weekend this year. It is also the first month where there are no regular NFL games (not counting the Super Bowl). Those who wonder how bookies make money will see that even though there is a drop in numbers, sportsbooks still report a healthy amount of revenue from sports betting.


New Hampshire Sportsbook Industry

New Hampshire Sportsbook Industry Sees Less Revenue and HandleNew Hampshire’s total monthly betting handle for the month of February is $70.9 million. This is 28.8% lower than January’s $99.5 million handle. Despite the dip in handle, the handle is still 39% higher than that of February of 2021, which was $50.9 million. All in all, this is similar to the pattern for bookies who use a pay per head sportsbook as well, seeing year-on-year growth in player activity and in revenue as well.

Out of the total sports betting handle, online sports betting accounts for $59.1 million out of the $70.9 million handle. This, too, is lower than the previous month, with a decrease of 27.6% from the $81.6 million handle back in January. And if we compare it with February 2021, we see a 37.5% increase in handle. The state’s sportsbooks have a gross gaming revenue (GGR) of $1.01 million, 87.3% lower than January’s $8 million GGR.


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