In the latest gambling and sports betting news, North Carolina sportsbooks are out of luck, and are not likely to see any action in the upcoming NFL Super Bowl in February. According the North Carolina Lottery Commission, there is still no final date for going live with sports betting in the state. Fans will have to go out of state to bet on the Panthers this season.

In fact, the deadline for operators to submit their applications for licensing is still on December 27. And while they want to bring sports betting to the state as soon as they can, it has to be done well, and still needs a few more steps before they can launch.

But they are quite sure that given their timeline and tasks ahead, Super Bowl betting is out of the question. Of course, if you are a bookie with the best Bookie Pay Per Head software, then you can easily offer Super Bowl betting to your players regardless of where they are.


North Carolina Sportsbooks: Timeline for Sports Betting

North Carolina Sportsbooks to Miss Out on Super Bowl BettingThe deadline for submitting applications is on December 27. These applications require a 60 to 90 day review period for regulators to do background checks and the like. That means either a late February or March approval time. This is quite the opposite of what bookies today can do. After all, with the right sportsbook pay per head software, you can go live in under an hour.

For sportsbooks in North Carolina, however, the date initially set for betting is impossible, so they will have to adjust their timetables. Under the law, regulators have until June 15 to bring sports betting to its residents. The commission will announce the date as soon as they have completed the rules and regulations for betting on the stat, as well as issued licenses to operators.

Hopefully, it will not take that long. If you find the process to be too cumbersome, opting for bookie software and becoming a bookie yourself can help you not just enjoy sports betting at any time you want, but earn from it as well.


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