The probability of passing sports betting bill in Massachusetts is somewhat declining, as uncertainty looms as we get closer to the end of the legislative session for the year. While the state wants to earn money from gambling, both chambers are in disagreement on the terms in legalizing sports betting in the state. Currently, there are two bills, one each from the House and the Senate. And both bills will need to be reconciled before it gets forwarded to the office of the Governor.

According to the law, if there are two bills from each chamber with the same subject but with conflicting terms, a joint committee will be formed. This committee will have six legislators from both chambers. They will be in charge of working out the differences between the two bills. After which, the bill will then go back to both chambers for voting. If it passes both, then it will go to Governor Charlie Baker.

Sports Betting Bill in Massachusetts

Probability of Passing Sports Betting Bill in MassachusettsThe problem is, however, they have a short deadline to do so. July 31 is the last day of the current session. So, they have until the end of the month to fix everything. While becoming a bookie is actually easy and something you can do in minutes, the same cannot be said for the sports betting industry in Massachusetts. Currently, the state is losing out on potential revenue from sports betting. Many bettors have been going to nearby states such as New Hampshire to place bets. This is especially true the past few weeks, when the Boston Celtics were in the finals for the NBA.

When asked, many involved in the committee cannot give out answers. Their statements are laden with words like “probably” or say that they have “no expectations”. There are quite a few differences that the state needs to work out, some of which involve tax rates, advertising, college betting, and more. The longer it takes for them to deliberate, the more money flows out of the state as bettors will continue to find ways, such as using a good sportsbook pay per head site, to get into sports betting.


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