We promote bookie tutorials for those who want to have their own sportsbook. Of course, being a bookie pay per head operator can help people manage their own sportsbooks easily. Especially with customized bookie sports betting software, as it boosts efficiency. Having your own sportsbook also allows you to delve into international sports betting markets.

Europe alone is a huge market you can break into, especially if you have a lot of friends who bet on football (soccer to US fans). In fact, France’s sports betting industry has been having a good year so far.

Sports Betting in France

France’s regulatory body, the ARJEL, has released the latest data on the local gambling industry. For the first quarter of the year, locally licensed operators have a combined revenue of €357 million. This amount covers the revenue generated from January 1 to March 31 of this year. If you compare this to last year’s, there is a 27% increase in revenues over the same period.

As for active player accounts, there was an increase of 1/5th, which now totals to 2.2 million. Deposits, meanwhile are by 25% to €648 million. This growth can br largely attributed to sports betting, with a total amount of wagers at €1.27 billion. This is a whopping 51% higher than last year’s numbers. This quarter also breaks the record as the highest revenue since legalization in 2010.

The revenue from wagering is up 51% to €222 million, which is an all-time record as well. Similarly, the records are also broken with the number of weekly active sports bettors, with an increase of 42% to 655,000. Of course, Football is the top sport being wagered on, with €717 million on handle. Next on the list is Tennis, with €250 million. Third on the list is basketball, with €177 million.

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