In the latest sports betting news, it seems that sports betting in North Carolina will not go live as early as most thought they would be. North Carolina officials revealed earlier this week that the launch of sports betting, scheduled for January 8, 2024, will face a delay due to ongoing work. The Sports Betting Committee convened during the North Carolina Lottery Commission’s virtual session. Part of their agenda is to consider changes in the rules of sports betting.

In the meeting, they discussed the complex process they are doing now to complete the preparations. The heavy work needed prevents them from having an early launch in the upcoming year. According to the law, sports betting goes legal in the state on January 8, 2024. Those in North Carolina who want to learn more about wagering, these sports betting tutorials can help you get started.


Sports Betting in North Carolina: When Will It Happen?

Sports Betting in North Carolina Unlikely to Launch in JanuaryWhile no precise start date was specified, state regulations mandate the launch of sports betting by mid-June. If the commission manages to complete the regulatory process. This entails finalizing the regulations, and issuing licenses, then they can make it to the June deadline. Given how passionate locals are with basketball, many hope to see sports betting go live for March Madness.

Currently, the state is going through the processes to continue towards sports betting going live. Currently, they are finalizing the second rules package, which will hopefully move towards the approval of the catalog of sports events that people can bet on. If you check these bookie tutorials, you will discover that not all sportsbooks are created equal. The more you have on your portfolio, the better.

So far, the only issue on betting the state has is with fantasy sports betting. For the meantime, they have tabled the possibility of wagering on fantasy sports, to be attended to at a later date. Meanwhile, you can continue to offer fantasy sports betting as you wish, with the help of a good bookie software. These online marketing techniques for sportsbooks can also help you earn even more- not just with fantasy sports, but with sports betting and even casino gaming.


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