Sports betting in Mississippi is picking up, and the numbers are good. Back in February, the total sports betting handle of the state was almost at $41 million. This March, we have a 17.2% increase in betting handle for the month of March, with a $47,889,213. But the numbers are not as good as the sports betting revenue in Mississippi, which doubled in March.

Bookies who use sports betting software are able to track their sportsbook’s activity easily, and they all also report an increase in betting activity for March. According to them, a lot of wagers came in from basketball, with college basketball and the NBA both being active in March.



Sports Betting Revenue in Mississippi

Sports Betting Revenue in Mississippi Doubles in MarchOf course, one could safely assume that a larger handle may translate to higher revenue. While this is not always the case, Mississippi actually doubled its revenue in March compared to the previous month. Back in February, the state’s sportsbooks generated close to $1.888 million, increasing by 114.1% to $4.042 in March. This is encouraging to those who are wanting to earn more from sports betting. In fact, one can even earn more as a bookie. They only need to check the features of sportsbook pay per head service to see how this can be possible.

Currently, Mississippi does not offer online or mobile sports betting. The state legislature recently killed off a bill that aims to legalize mobile sports betting in the state. Given the enthusiasm of Mississippi residents towards sports betting, the state could benefit from more taxes if they would allow online sports betting. In the meantime, residents can bet through retail sportsbooks. The coming months should be more exciting, with more basketball, soccer and baseball events. Here is a good bookie soccer betting tips guide that can help you win more from soccer betting.


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