In the US, the legalization of sports betting is under the purview of each state’s legislature. Currently, there are still a lot of states that do not offer sports betting. This time of the year, we will be hearing a lot of news on the topic, since the legislature of many states will be opening their respective sessions for the year. And one of the topics that those who want to open a bookie website want to know is if sports betting in Kentucky will become legal this year.

There are a lot of factors that can affect this. One is the policy itself, and two, the politics surrounding the process of passing a bill. Opening a bookie pay per head sportsbook will not be as complicated as this. But if you want to get into the sports betting industry, you need to know the process of launching betting markets.


Legalizing Sports Betting in Kentucky: Can We Do It This Year?

The Chances of Legalizing Sports Betting in Kentucky this 2023There is a bill that was introduced last week in the House: HB 106. HB 106 is sponsored by Rep. Derrick Graham, Rep. Rachel Roberts, and Rep. Cherlynn Stevenson. These sponsors are all Democrats. They also hold positions in the Minority Caucus. This means that it would be easy to get the support of fellow Democrats. But gaining bipartisan support will be a challenge. Remember that in Kentucky, Republicans hold three quarters of seats, and are 30-8 in the Senate.

A possible issue is that the Republicans may present their own sports betting bill which could get their support. Given the history of sports betting bills in the state, the Republican version may possibly not include DFS and Online Poker. Those who use a sportsbook pay per head know how profitable these two products are. But if the bottom line is to bring sports betting into the state, then it may have a better chance if it was in a bill that solely talks about sports wagering. We will be seeing how it will go in the next few months.


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