When you are learning how to start a bookie business, you will eventually get to the part where experts will teach you all about sportsbook management. Specifically, line management. Depending on your players’ betting activity, you will need to move lines to minimize risk and maximize your potential to earn more. A big part of this is learning to anticipate where your players will be betting, or what can cause lines to move. Thus, its important to stay updated in the latest sports news. But many ask- specifically, what updates on sports do you need to know as a bookie?

Generally, you will want to know everything you can about the popular sports events that your players bet on. A cursory glance at the latest headlines will help. In fact, some Bookie software providers even have their own blogs and sports news sites to help bookies keep track of events.


What Updates on Sports Do You Need to Know as a Bookie?

What Updates on Sports Do You Need to Know as a Bookie?First, you will want to see player injury updates. Any player suddenly not available to play can increase the chances of a team losing, so this means movement in betting odds. Any change in the roster can potentially affect the outcome of a game, so keep track of player injury lists.

Next, you also need to look at the weather. Yup, you read that right. The weather can affect the output of a game, especially for outdoor sports like baseball, football, and soccer. For instance, a very windy day will mean that baseball may be a bit more unpredictable with changing ball speeds and direction. Even humidity can change a performance in baseball. Rain may make it harder for football players to see, or can make the ground more slippery. The list of what can happen goes on and on.

Third, you also need to look at what bettors look at. For example, things like home court or home field advantage can affect a team’s performance. A team could have an easier chance of getting into the playoffs due to the matchups they have in the regular season. In this case, they may emerge as easy choices in futures bets. Learning how bettors think will help you anticipate their wagers, and therefore anticipate any line movement on your end. And with the help of a good Bookie PPH Solution, you can easily manage your lines with their easy-to-use software.


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