When Do Lines Move

Any Bookie Pay Per Head will have to learn how to move and manage lines in sports betting. It is, after all, the “product” you are offering. But moving lines are not done on a whim, or on a guess. It is a carefully made decision that will affect its attractiveness to players to place a bet with. Of course, sportsbook pay per head providers will have the software to make this easy for you.

Keep in mind that not all pay per head providers are equal. Some may offer more services, but at a higher price point. Some, however, give you a flat rate that has everything bundled into it. In addition, the quality of service and software may vary as well. This means you need to find a bookie pay per head software that will fit all of your needs.

When Do Lines Move

As a bookie, one thing you always keep an eye out for are sharps. Sharps tend to win more, so if you ignore them, you may stand to lose money. So if you have a sharp player, and you are keeping them in your sportsbook, adjust the lines to accommodate their wagers, and balance both sides of the wager accordingly.

Another more obvious reason, would be the weather. This does not really affect all sports, but football and baseball games are affected by the weather. It’s not just a game cancellation even. The performance of teams and athletes differ. Ball speeds can differ given a same throw in humid or dry climates. Hot or cold temperature can affect that as well. Heavy rains can bring mud, and speed down the pace of the game, which may lead to less scoring. So when making lines for your sportsbook, look at the weather report as well.

Lastly, lines can also move based on changes in the team. Remember how the power balance shifted when LeBron James moved to the Lakers? And barely a week ago, Kawhi Leonard surprised everyone by signing up with the Clippers? Have you noticed how the lines from major sportsbooks have moved after this? Even a simple injury that can take out a player will have an impact on the game. If a defensive player sprains an ankle, it could mean better scoring for the opposing team.