New York city has always been a hub for almost everything- tourism, entertainment, food, and everything that makes New York the iconic spot that it is. And if you are to ask anyone about the heart of the state and the city, the answer would likely be Times Square. The area gets a lot of traffic, and is a prime spot for any business. And to keep the area relevant and profitable, adding gaming facilities is a great strategy. And plans for having a Caesars Palace Times Square gets support from local property owners.

Looking at reports from Casinos Georgia, opening a casino not only helps the local industry, but also contributes to employment, local tourism, and a boost in nearby establishments. In Times Square, ten new property owners join the Coalition for a Better Times Square. This coalition is specifically formed to support the efforts to bring Caesars Palace Times Square to a reality in 1515 Broadway.

Caesars Palace Times Square Gets Community Support

Caesars Palace Times Square Gets Support from Local CommunityMuch like using a bookie pay per head software to earn well, establishing a casino right where the market is is practical. It makes it easy for players to avail of their products and services. And for New York, there is no better spot for a landmark retail casino location than Times Square. Bringing a gaming facility to the area will help boost the neighboring businesses. Businesses such as hotels, entertainment facilities, retail stores, and more can benefit from this.

Companies like Jamestown, Sherwood Equities, plus a few other property owners are showing their support for this to happen. The proposal is to have a gaming facility built over eight floors of an already existing 54-floor tower. In addition, the companies behind Caesars Palace aim to dedicate some of gaming revenue towards sanitation, traffic, and security improvements in the area.

While launching an online casino is more affordable and much easier, retail casinos still have appeal. And the plans of Caesars Palace and SL Green have support from local communities. Maybe even increasing their chances of gaining approval for a New York Casino gaming license.


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