In the latest gambling news, we are featuring one of the potential gambling markets in the Americas: gambling in Brazil. The clamor to legalize and regulate gambling in the country has led to the Brazil Senate working to pass a bill that aims to allow gambling in the country. However, based on discussions between legislators, it seems that only sports betting is getting the green light. So far, the idea of online casinos are being turned down.

Sports betting remains a profitable business model. This is why a lot of countries are mulling its legalization. However, casino gaming is also quite lucrative. But legislators are more concerned about possible issues with online casinos, so they opted to remove it from the bill, and focus on sports betting instead.


If you look at your bookie pay per head software, you can see that you can easily offer both sports betting and casino games in your sportsbook. This is the goal of many in the industry. But Brazilian legislators, for now, want to focus solely on sports betting.

Gambling in Brazil: Online Casinos are Out, Sports Betting is InGambling in Brazil

The bill, however, is far from passing. The terms of the bill are still under review, and it will take quite a while to finally move to its final reading. But with the removal of the terms on online casino gaming, as well as changing other details like tax rates, the bill has a higher chance of passing. We still do not know when sports betting will launch in Brazil. But the fact that the legislative department is working on passing a sound sports betting bill is very encouraging.

And while we are yet to see online casino being discussed, it is not totally dismissed. Proposals could still come to the Senate in a separate bill. Meanwhile, those who want to earn from sports betting and casino gaming can use a good bookie software that can offer both to bookies anywhere in the world.


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