In the latest sports news, the request by Haas to change the results of the US Grand Prix has been dismissed by Formula 1’s governing body. The ruling stated that there was “no significant and relevant new element that was unavailable to Haas” post-race.

However, the stewards did express dissatisfaction with the current enforcement of track limits. They are deeming it “completely unsatisfactory” and calling for changes. Haas is basing their appeal on alleged track limits violations by several cars that finished ahead of theirs. Controversies over track limits are a recurrent issue at various F1 circuits. Notably at places like Austria’s Red Bull Ring, Losail in Qatar, and the Circuit of the Americas in Austin.

If you are into sports betting, specifically betting on auto racing, then you are aware of the many controversies and problems of many drivers and teams over the past year. In fact, this year are downright dangerous in other tracks.

US Grand Prix Appeal Declined

F1 Rejects US Grand Prix AppealAccording to the F1 governing body, decisions on track limits offenses are based on images from fixed CCTV cameras. However, the camera that is used to track limits in Austin (Turn Six), does not meet the required standard.

Haas complains that in this particular turn, Williams cars of Logan Sargeant, Alex Albon, Red Bull’s Sergio Perez, and Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll have exceeded the track limits over numerous occasions, but have no penalties whatsoever.

Normally, sanctions for this violation are adding five seconds to the driver’s race time. Since the results will stand, most in the betting industry will just focus on the next tournament instead. Given the lack of action on this issue, expect changes to happen in the next season. For now, check your Bookie PPH software for the odds on the races, and keep track of the drivers over the next few weeks


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