JOTA plans to field two cars in the upcoming 2023 WEC season. First, the #12, paying tribute to Tom Brady, whose name is connected to the sponsorship of the Hertz team. The first car will feature drivers Oliver Rasmussen, Phil Hanson, and a yet-to-be-named third driver. Those who want to be an online bookie should take note of the lineup of these teams to prepare for betting on the event.

Meanwhile, the #38 car will showcase drivers Will Stevens, Norman Nato, and former IndyCar racer Callum Illot. Illot, Nato, and Hanson are recent additions to the team. Illot’s signing was quite popular on the news. This comes after his departure from IndyCar team Juncos Racing a little over a month ago.

Nato transitions from Formula E, having competed with Nissan’s group last season. Meanwhile, Hanson adds another Porsche entry to his calendar. He will be taking on an endurance role with JDC-Miller Motorsports in the GTP class in IMSA. So you should more or less be familiar with these drivers, as you have likely seen their names in your betting software in the past.

JOTA Optimistic About 2023 WEC

JOTA Adds New Lineup for 2023 WECIllot’s involvement is quite a big deal for the team, although his primary aim remains a return to IndyCar in some capacity. While his role within JOTA is pivotal as the team gears up for an ambitious season akin to plans by other Hypercar teams, it appears Illot’s tenure might be a one-year arrangement to bridge the gap for a potential IndyCar return.

Even if Illot doesn’t compete for the full season in North America’s premier open-wheel series, there’s a chance he might participate in specific races, possibly including the prestigious Indianapolis 500, which holds a prominent place on the racing calendar. So make sure you know all of the upcoming events for auto racing to make sure you are offering great deals in your sportsbook. Your sportsbook pay per head service can offer betting lines on any race from any corner of the world.


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