As a bookie, you always keep track of the innovations in the sports and sports betting industry. Using the best sports betting software that continues to innovate is very profitable for you. And keeping track of these innovations in sports will also help you manage the lines better. For instance, the introduction of VAR in soccer was a very, very controversial incident. And up to this day, the decisions made by VAR can overturn the score, and outcome of a match. And it looks like we will be seeing a new system in the Korean Baseball League next season with the introduction of ABS in the league.

According to reports, the Korea Baseball Organization will be introducing the automated ball-strike system (ABS) in the next season. They will also be using a pitch timer similar to the one used in the MLB. These changes stem from the meeting between the board of directors of the organization.

Korean Baseball League and New Innovations

Korean Baseball League will Implement New System Next SeasonThe ABS system is capable of improving the precision and the consistency of ball-strike calls. It also reduces the time needed to relay the calls to umpires. This can help ensure fair play for both pitchers and hitters. They are testing this in the Futures League, which is the equivalent of the Minor League in Korean baseball, and have been using it since 2020, so this is not unfamiliar to the KBO. As a bookie, this will also help you with baseball betting, as it makes it faster for data to be updated. Your bookie software takes care of this as well, so there are less things for you to worry about.

While Korean baseball will be using ABS, the MLB is not keen on using this in 2024 in the MBL. They are still testing and tweaking the system in the minors over the last few seasons. But the MLB does have the pitch timer, and are also introducing some changes, like the ban on extreme infield shifts.

Most likely, the league is waiting for the dust to settle, so to speak, before introducing any more changes in the MLB. And as for bookies, betting on both the MLB and the KBL is very easy to offer to your players. Check out these bookie pay per head reviews to find out how.


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