Even though the season is over, you can still increase MLB bookie profits by making more betting opportunities on the sport. And in the offseason, much of that action either involves futures bets for the upcoming season, or wagers on trades and other player movement. And the San Diego Padres is one team looking to cut costs. Will the Padres Trade Juan Soto for that?

Remember that when it comes to sports betting, there very little limits on what people can bet on. With the use of a really good sportsbook pay per head software service, you can manage a sportsbook that offers a diverse portfolio. So even though there are no MLB games right now, your players can still place bets on the league.

But Where Will They Trade Juan Soto?

Will the Padres Trade Juan Soto in the Offseason?On one hand, trading Soto means a reduced change of gaining a rebound in the next season. If the goal is to cut costs, then Soto can be an easy out. Soto has a $30 million plus salary and taking him out would be simpler since its just one player. By trading him, you can save money and invest on young talent and build from there. The Yankees, for example, can easily take on Soto’s salary.

However, Soto did help bring the Padres as close as they could to the World Series. They were two games shy of a playoff spot. That close call could be better next season with Soto still in the mix. However, Soto is not their only player. And they also have some in the roster who will be free agents, like Blake Snell and Josh Hader. In addition, Yuri Darvish is also up for a salary drop. The money that they can save from these players alone will be $10 million more than Soto’s salary.

We still do not know what they will do, since the trade deadline gives them more time to strategize. But the Padres decision to bolster a current roster, or invest in younger talent will affect lines. After all, one strategy gears for a higher playoff chance in the next season. The other option means a more long-term plan. And when you manage your betting lines through your bookie software, keep these factors in mind. This is especially true for futures bets.


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